Patrick A. Avatar
Patrick A.
2/20/2023 - Google

Sparta Trades was exactly what we were looking for and better than we could have imagined for our complete kitchen renovation. Chet and Robin coordinated and communicated everything from start... read more

Merry G. Avatar
Merry G.
12/22/2022 - Google

Robin, Chet and Rich

I want to thank you for helping me to design my master bathroom from start to finish. All of my choices were selected in your beautiful showroom...
read more

Pat B. Avatar
Pat B.
11/23/2022 - Google

Dealing with Chet and Robin was a pleasure. Our kitchen (new counters and backsplash) looks beautiful. Many thanks to them and their contractors for the quick and very... read more

JD W. Avatar
10/06/2022 - Google

Sparta Trades completed a kitchen renovation for us and we are pleased with the outcome. Robin and Chet walked us through all the options in their showroom and offered great... read more

Michelle H. Avatar
Michelle H.
8/17/2022 - Google

Chet and Robin make an incredible team and I am so thankful they helped me out on my cute little kitchen. They were extremely communicative from the start and prepared... read more

Michael A. Avatar
Michael A.
7/26/2022 - Google

Sparta Trades did a wonderful job designing and modernizing our kitchen.
• Appointment times were convenient.
• A project quote was provided on the spot (no long waits).
• A project plan was provided and followed...
read more

Jeff B. Avatar
Jeff B.
7/22/2022 - Facebook

We want to give a huge 5 Star review the team at Sparta Trades Kitchens & Baths! Their showroom is excellent featuring the current trends and so many examples on... read more

Pamela H. Avatar
Pamela H.
7/11/2022 - Facebook

I had a total bathroom makeover done by Sparta Trades and I couldn’t be happier and more satisfied. The job was done quickly and all the trades people were... read more

Amanda T. Avatar
Amanda T.
12/31/2021 - Google

Chet and Robin are great to work with, responsive as well as attentive to what we were looking for. Also designed creative solutions for us in our kitchen remodel.

Amanda M. Avatar
Amanda M.
12/31/2021 - Google

Chet and Robin are great to work with, responsive as well as attentive to what we were looking for. Also designed creative solutions for us in our kitchen remodel.

Lisa M. Avatar
Lisa M.
12/22/2021 - Google

I cannot say enough great things about Sparta Trades. They just completed a master bath renovation and a powder room to full bathroom remodel in our townhouse. Everything from start... read more

Jodi C. Avatar
Jodi C.
8/05/2021 - Google

I am very pleased with the work Sparta Trades did on my recent bathroom remodel. We had a very old bathroom, and along with that comes many complications and details... read more

Jodi C. Avatar
Jodi C.
8/05/2021 - Facebook

I am very pleased with the work Sparta Trades did on my recent bathroom remodel. We had a very old bathroom, and along with that comes many complications and details... read more

Christina G. Avatar
Christina G.
5/14/2021 - Google

Hands down 5 star recommendation for Sparta trades! Chet and Robyn helped us complete our master bathroom remodel. After having had a bad experience with a bathroom fixture store previously,... read more

Laurie K. Avatar
Laurie K.
3/31/2021 - Facebook

Our first time using Sparta Trades Kitchen & Bath and we are happy we did! Chet, Robin, Rich and team were very helpful with updating our kitchen. Emailed them photos... read more

Pamela R. Avatar
Pamela R.
3/18/2021 - Google

Sparta Trades recently updated our main bathroom. It is beautiful and just what I wanted and envisioned. They were respectful of my choices (even though my taste is... read more

Kathleen B. Avatar
Kathleen B.
3/17/2021 - Facebook

The Sparta Trades team are exceptional!
They kept me informed through every step of my kitchen remodeling. Efficient, clean and punctual . Highly recommended .

Cheryl W. Avatar
Cheryl W.
3/15/2021 - Google

Thank you, Sparta Trades, for all that you did to provide us with a new and beautiful bathroom during this trying year (caring for my elderly father during the pandemic).... read more

Charlotte P. Avatar
Charlotte P.
3/12/2021 - Google

Just wanted to mention that 20 years AFTER they remodeled our kitchen Sparta Trades sourced and provided a replacement cabinet hinge and had it expressed shipped to us free of... read more

Patricia D. Avatar
Patricia D.
2/04/2021 - Google

Chet and his entire team were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We had a total renovation done on a bathroom and it turned out Great! Special thanks to Rich... read more

Smiley S. Avatar
Smiley S.
1/30/2021 - Facebook

Sparta Trades did an AMAZING job on our new bathroom. I am also impressed by the staff working to meet every request in a professional manner. Thank you for our... read more

David P. Avatar
David P.
1/27/2021 - Google

This is our 3rd time using Sparta Trades over the last 12 years. They are an outstanding company and do really wonderful work! Part of what makes the... read more

Mark M. Avatar
Mark M.
12/27/2020 - Google

Chet Basher is not only a great business man but a hero in our community. When we reached out to the community for donations to help us purchase 3D printers... read more

Kathy F. Avatar
Kathy F.
11/20/2020 - Google

Sparta Trades renovated our master bathroom about three years ago. They did a fabulous job and the bathroom is beautiful. We recently discovered a material defect with one... read more

Eileen B. Avatar
Eileen B.
10/05/2020 - Google

Chet and Robin did an excellent job on our kitchen remodeling project. They were very professional and responsive. I would recommend Sparta Trades without hesitation.

Bill C. Avatar
Bill C.
9/17/2020 - Google

I would just like to thank the entire staff at Sparta Trades; they converted my kitchen from an entire embarrassment from the 1960's to a kitchen that... read more

Jill K. Avatar
Jill K.
8/19/2020 - Google

I ordered a custom made vanity from Sparta Trades. They were very helpful knowledgeable. It took a few trips to figure out what I wanted but they helped me design... read more

Michael F. Avatar
Michael F.
8/07/2020 - Facebook

We contacted Sparta Trades to replace our stainless kitchen sink
that had been badly discolored from a drain unclogging acid.

Chet explained that the job was too small for them...
read more

Tracey A. Avatar
Tracey A.
7/13/2020 - Facebook

My parents recenly had their kitchen renovated and were very happy with the outcome. Chet & Robin guided them through the entire process & never made them feel rushed. They... read more

Jill M. Avatar
Jill M.
7/11/2020 - Google

Let me begin by saying I am not the easiest person to work for as I am very detail-oriented & demanding with what I require. Chet, Robin, & Rich... read more

Barbara R. Avatar
Barbara R.
6/28/2020 - Facebook

Sparta Trades recently completed extensive renovations to our home in Sparta, which included total gutting & replacement of 3 bathrooms, along with tearing up & replacing ceramic floor tile in... read more

J P. Avatar
J P.
5/29/2020 - Google

Sparta Trades did an incredible job with the design and installation of our master bathroom renovation just shy of a year ago. From our first visit to their showroom... read more

David B. Avatar
David B.
5/22/2020 - Google

Had major kitchen renovation in 2006, they did a beautiful job. 14 years later still love our kitchen. Recently had an issue with the waste drawer, which kept... read more

Lori W. Avatar
Lori W.
4/21/2020 - Facebook

Chet and Robin represent the epitome of creativity and professionalism. Their recommendations turned our cramped and dark kitchen into an open, light and inviting space that is a pleasure... read more

Lynn C. Avatar
Lynn C.
3/02/2020 - Google

Chet and Robin helped us replace our 23 year old range, cooktop and refrigerator and add a hood over our cooktop (see before & after pics). Their advice was spot... read more

Lynn C. Avatar
Lynn C.
3/02/2020 - Facebook

We bought a house in Lake Mohawk in November and it came with a 23 year old range, cooktop and microwave...all in a dark corner of the kitchen. I had... read more

Lynn B. Avatar
Lynn B.
1/10/2020 - Facebook

We recently had our bathroom totally redone by Sparta Trades and are thrilled with the results! Chet, Robin and Rich were so helpful and professional. They were always on time... read more

Carole H. Avatar
Carole H.
11/04/2019 - Facebook

Our outdated master bathroom was remodeled in late April 2019 by Sparta Trades. Chet and Robin are true professionals throughout the process. Selecting the materials was painless and was... read more

Eleanor M. Avatar
Eleanor M.
10/27/2019 - Facebook

We recently had our master bathroom remodeled by Chet, Robin and the team at Sparta trades. If you are looking for a one stop shop operation, these are... read more

Laura E. Avatar
Laura E.
10/16/2019 - Google

We met with Robin and Chet regarding the remodeling of three bathrooms in our home and they worked with us to keep it in our budget. They even made wonderful... read more

Vanessa Avatar
6/12/2019 - Google

Our experience with Chet and Robin at Sparta Trades was 100% professional and pleasant. They were extremely buttoned up, organized, and communicative. Everything happened when it was supposed to happen,... read more

Vanessa G. Avatar
Vanessa G.
3/23/2019 - Facebook

Our experience with Chet and Robin at Sparta Trades was 100% professional and pleasant. They were extremely buttoned up, organized, and communicative. Everything happened when it was supposed to happen,... read more

Ronald Q. Avatar
Ronald Q.
1/21/2019 - Facebook

In 2006 we had Sparta Trades remodel our two upstairs bathrooms. Chet and his team were great at helping us select our options. We liked Sparta Trades’ turnkey... read more

Jessica A. Avatar
Jessica A.
9/01/2018 - Facebook

We can't thank Sparta Trades Kitchens & Baths enough for completing our recent kitchen remodel. Rich was absolutely wonderful, he completed our job so quickly with the upmost care.... read more

Mark B. Avatar
Mark B.
5/12/2018 - Facebook

I just want to give a huge THANK YOU to Sparta Trades for helping me with getting a shower door replacement. They are very polite and got me a replacement... read more

John F. Avatar
John F.
3/21/2018 - Facebook

We recently had our master bathroom
remodeled by Sparta Trades. Robin and
Chet made us comfortable with every
step of the process, and the entire crew
was professional and...
read more

Movie M. Avatar
Movie M.
2/01/2018 - Google

Sparta Trades transformed my tired, 1952 ranch into a smart, bright and up-to-date 2008 model home. Upgrades ran the gamut from new windows and doors to new plumbing, electrical... read more

Tina L. Avatar
Tina L.
11/05/2017 - Facebook

The SPARTA Trades Team renovated our kitchen and added a bathroom and changing room in our basement in Feb 2017. They not only were extremely professional, but also prided themselves... read more

Jeff M. Avatar
Jeff M.
9/02/2017 - Facebook

From concept to completion these people were great! They are there with you through the entire process, from design to installation. We were very happy with the results!

Kurt N. Avatar
Kurt N.
6/29/2017 - Facebook

Chet and Robin just finished our 4th bathroom renovation with Sparta Trades. Everything looks great and my wife loves her new steam shower!
I would highly recommend Sparta Trades!

Charline L. Avatar
Charline L.
6/28/2017 - Facebook

Sparta Trades definitely deserves 5 stars. Chet and his staff are wonderful! They renovated our bathrooms in 99' and, recently, a shower door replacement. Their work is excellent and... read more

Carol M. Avatar
Carol M.
10/31/2016 - Facebook

Sparta Trades recently completed a total renovation of one of our bathrooms. From the first day of the renovation project until its completion, we had a seamless experience. Chet, Robbin... read more

Karen K. Avatar
Karen K.
8/22/2016 - Facebook

We purchased a house in Sparta but was still living in MA and wanted to completely renovate my bathroom before we actually moved in. Chet and Robin helped me to... read more

Bill S. Avatar
Bill S.
5/02/2016 - Facebook

Sparta Trades is the best. They do quality work. I didn`t recognize my shower when they were done. Great work Guys.

Cynthia B. Avatar
Cynthia B.
4/30/2016 - Facebook

I'm a repeat customer at Sparta Trades Kitchens & Baths...and counted on their quality products and services for both a kitchen and bath reno. Robin and Chet are incredibly... read more

Stacey B. Avatar
Stacey B.
4/23/2016 - Facebook

Sparta Trades is THE best! They have done three bathroom renovations for us -- 2003 was the first-floor guest bathroom (and the tile floor in the entry hallway to... read more