shower options

Shower options

There are many different elements that can make a shower functional, enjoyable, and beautiful.  Some of the most popular and useful features integrated into new shower design are listed below: 

  • Conversion of tubs to showers
  • Larger showers with full access for all 
  • Showers with room for 2
  • Built-in benches
  • Heated bench seats
  • Fold-up seats can save space
  • Multi-headed showers
  • Temperature-control shower valves to prevent drastic water temperature changes, like when the toilet flushes, older homes often do not have this and it is an important safety upgrade
  • Steam showers—oh, so therapeutic; see the working model in our showroom
  • Shower and showerhead height and placement change, this makes showering more comfortable for people of different sizes
  • Shelves for keeping your personal grooming items accessible and organized.  
  • “Sill-less” walk-in shower, for easy access and sleek look
  • Shelf on which to rest your legs while shaving
  • Frameless enclosures or glass shower doors (no bottom track to get dirty, so, no toothbrush needed to clean!)
  • Non-slip, easy-to-clean shower floors